Minnow Street Parking - Placer County

PR DEI performed site design, grading, pervious concrete design (specifications etc.) for a joint project between the Redevelopment Agency and the Department of Public Works of Placer County. The project required PR DEI to work closely with DPW to provide the necessary design and grading for a highly constrained site (high ground water, narrow, tight grading to existing roads/access). PR DEI also consulted on landscape and lighting for the lot including the use of motion detector and dimmable lighting. Lighting loads (costs) were further reduced due to the reflectivity of the light colored paving (high albedo). Light colored paving reduces costs for night time lighting, reduces ground heating (ozone). The pervious component reduces noise and slips as well as eliminating run-off.

• Grading
• Pervious Concrete
• Public Parking Lot Design
• Oversight of Concrete Placement

Minnow Plans