Northstar Community Services District
Corp Yard Building

What could be more green than re-using a building instead of building a new one? PR DEI provided pre-project cost estimating and feasibility analysis to allow the NCSD to determine a course of action. Wise use of public funds added to the conditions warranting the re-location the 4,000 square foot office building from the Northstar Village to the NCSD's corporate yard. We selected a site that allows managers important visual access to the site from office windows, provides southern exposure to public access points and driveway areas and allowed the addition of a 1,400 square foot storage garage that was much needed by the District. PR DEI provided interior remodel design of the building to NCSD requirements. PR DEI saved the NCSD over half a million dollars (about 30%) of projected cost. Architectural Elevations

• Cost analysis/feasibility
• Site Planning
• Structural Engineering
• Interior Remodel Design
• Landscape Design
• Multi-jurisdictional Permitting
• Bid Support
• Construction Management