We provide clients creative “green” solutions to reduce ecological impact and optimize performance.




ENGINEERING - PR DEI offers comprehensive civil engineering, feasibility studies and inspection/management services. We hold current licensure in both California and Nevada. Civil Engineering services include conceptual designs, design development and construction documents. For Public Works, PR DEI has a full suite of Front-End Documents, Specification Packages and Bid Documents.

MASTER PLANNING - Master Planning is the key step for larger projects, agencies and complex projects. PR DEI facilitates goal setting, environmental thresholds, marketing targets and stakeholder inclusion through facilitated "charrette" meetings.

Master Planning is recommended for Livable/Walkable Community Planning, Service Agency Operations and County/City/Town Sustainability Programs.

STORMWATER - Low Impact Development (LID) stormwater solutions are our specialty, be it rain gardens, pervious concrete/permeable paivng, "First Flush" designs, bio-swales or sub-surface flow constructed wetlands. Our solutrions are effective, feasible and ecologically conscious, with significant cost benefits.

Whether you are a governmental agency or a private developer, LID designs are the best choice for capital costs savings and long term operating cost benefits. Federal Stimulus Dollars under the ARRA programs require 20% of funded projects to have "green infrastructure".

LANDSCAPE - We take great pride in crafting custom landscapes to achieve client goals. Whether it is restoration using native plants in a soil preparation and seeding scenario or a permaculture landscape full of edibles or something in between, we will create a thoughtful and site-specific plans that meets regulatory requirements and the client's needs.

CONSTRUCTION MANAGEMENT - Providing clients with a complete suite of services, PR DEI will see to it that your project is installed per plans and specification through our construction management services. We provide a complete tracking system of progress verification to assist in payment procedures as well as direct oversight including measurement, and special inspections. We work hard to ensure the contractor remains on schedule and uses the correct materials and methods to ensure proper construction of your project. Whether it is one of our designs or that of another design firm, we are capable of reviewing plans and specifications; performing build-ability and bid-ability reviews; conducting pre-bid, bid and pre-construction meetings and seeing the project through to close-out/occupancy by the owner or tenant.

USGBC LEED - PR DEI has LEED accredited professionals on staff to assist you in any certified green building project.  Our team will guide your project from the initial “checklist” stage to full document submittal and certification.
  • LEED for New Construction
  • LEED for Core and Shell
  • LEED for Schools
  • LEED for Healthcare
  • LEED for Retail
  • LEED for Commercial Interiors
  • LEED for Retail Interiors
  • LEED for Existing Buildings
  • LEED for Existing Schools

GREEN DESIGN - The heart and soul of our philosophy is "green design" via an integrated systems approach. What is green design? It is the crafting of our design decisions to reflect the greenest or most ecologically sound choices. Whether it is site design to minimize grading/disturbance or building orientation to reduce over-heating from the sun or a specifications package requiring low Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) finishes and fly ash in concrete or the use of renewable materials (wood, bamboo, wheat straw, etc.), we consider each and every component of a project and how it integrates into the system as a whole. How can small pieces unite in the whole to exceed the sum of the parts? Careful holistic planning and design leads to optimized performance and reduced environmental impacts.

We bring more than 20 years experience in site planning, appropriate technology (solar, wind, micro-hydro, etc.), alternative building methods (straw bale, rammed earth, PISE, cob) and native and edible landscaping. This deep background combined with today's latest advances in technology allows us to provide client's "green" solutions with reliable return on investment.

PERMITTING - We provide permitting services for:

Tahoe Regional Planning Agency, TRPA Compliance
We successfully permit all types of projects in the Tahoe Basin. From New Development to BMP Retrofit, we ensure your entitlement process.

It is important to have support early on; we offer the following services:

  • TRPA Permitting
  • TRPA Land Capability Verification
  • TRPA Coverage Assessment
  • TRPA Hydrology
  • TRPA BMP Commercial and Residential
  • TRPA BMP Retrofit Commercial and Residential

Lahontan Regional Water Quality Control Board
CEQA (California Environmental Quality Act)
Placer and other local Counties
Town of Truckee and other local cities

ENERGY SYSTEMS - With a long history in appropriate technology (now known as energy systems) PR DEI brings training and today's technologies to bear thus substantially improving the long term value of your project. Whether your solution is advanced weatherization, micro-wind turbines, combined heat & power or solar thermal water heating, we have the technological and structural savvy to bring real cost savings and reduced carbon footprint to your project. There are many opportunities for cost savings when it comes to energy system performance. In some cases, we may just need to "tune-up" (commission) your existing system.

Andrew T. Ryan, PE, LEED AP is a trained mechanical engineer (Clemson University) who is a licensed professional civil engineer. This unique blend brings tremendous value to your project. We will facilitate rebate and incentive program compliance so that you save money on the front end as well.

PERVIOUS CONCRETE - Pervious concrete is very similar to traditional concrete but it is porous and does not produce runoff.
PRDEI has been privileged to take part in over 12 successful installations of pervious concrete for Tahoe Regional Planning Agency, Placer County and the Town of Truckee.
See an Installation Video of work by PRDEI
See our new pervious Website for more information.

ECODEVELOPMENT - PR DEI is a diverse multi-disciplinary design and engineering firm. We believe we have a special knack for understanding a site and the wide range of local conditions affecting your Return on Investment (ROI). We are happy to sit down to discuss any project and how we might be of assistance in ensuring ROI while enhancing value and reducing environmental impacts both in the near and long term. We are happy to conduct "brainstorming" sessions and/or facilitate "charrettes" to generate ideas and solutions for specific projects.

WORKSHOP FACILITATION - PR DEI is well versed in running productive workshops and design charrettes. We ensure creative, yet structured visual dialogue, collaborative planning and interactive learning. Past work shops have included “Livable ~ Walkable Communities”, “Re-Inventing Main Street” and “NCSD/Booth Creek Waste Management Charrette”.

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